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    Jefterwillspoultryfarm are Breeders of Birds and Parrots In USA, UAE, ASIA & MIDDLE EAST. We have Fertile Parrot Eggs and Parrot Chicks. We have available healthy Baby parrots and fertile parrot eggs for sale at very good prices weaned, hand reared and well tamed talking baby parrots available for sale now. fresh laid fertile parrot eggs for hatching now. Breeding parrots of different species and eggs such as: -Blue and gold macaw -Hyacinth Macaw -Scarlet Macaw -Green winged Macaws -Sulfur crested Cockatoos -Rose breasted cockatoos -Goffin Cockatoos Umbrella cockatoos -Moluccan cockatoos -Major Mitchell cockatoos -Black palm cockatoos -Cockatoos -African Greys -Amazon -Conures parrot -Eclectus -Toucan -cockatiels -Lovebirds we provide a 100% guarantee in all our Birds , eggs and provide free auto-regulated Incubation to guarantee delivery. We have eggs and babies of all types for sale contact for more info via ; [email protected]

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    ₹ 45,000

    Cacatua alba white umbrellla cockatoo for sale

    • Varanasi
    Posted: 20 October 2021